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Grow your future

We live by the principle of Kaizen, or continuous improvement. And not just when it comes to sales, marketing, and customer success.

Our team lives to grow – as strategists, practitioners, and most importantly, as people. And we are downright passionate about enabling the growth of others too.

We are all the people that take classes in our free time. The people that read constantly. That play chess in the office. That run marathons, compete in tournaments and lift bars of steel. We are veterans and active military. We are journalists and wrestlers. We are preachers and stand-up comedians. We are mentors and coaches.

We are teachers. We are learners. We are growers.

– Leah, Anthony and Niko

Our Leadership

Meet the leaders of BetterGrowth and your partners in accelerating revenue growth and scaling your business.

Leah Chaney

Founding Partner

With over 17 years experience in Client Success over her career, Leah Chaney has enhanced her leadership and customer obsession skills with some of the nation’s most successful technology companies.  She learned early in her career how to successfully grow and scale fast-growing startups while putting customers at the heart of their business.

Since then, Leah has perfected the art of customer obsession at every stage of the company journey, regardless of size. She is excited to join BetterGrowth as a Founding Partner and to bring her experience and customer passion to the world.

Niko Hughes

Founding Partner

Niko is the ingredient that makes this entire ship run. An expert in sales process and strategy, Niko has built systems that have led to millions of dollars in closed revenue and hundreds of meetings with Fortune 100 companies for early-stage startups.

As a seasoned sales leader, he has led sales teams at some of the most recognizable startups in Portland and was a board member of the Oregon Young Entrepreneur Society.

Anthony Hughes

Founding Partner

Anthony is a passionate growth strategist, public speaker, and sales leader. Having keynoted talks with crowds of 17,000+ attendees, Anthony brings a unique ability to intertwine storytelling into the sales process.

His sales expertise, strategy, and leadership have led to $38m in closed revenue and growing his first bootstrapped startup from $0 to $75k in MRR in 12 months.

Ready to grow your revenue, your team, and your business?

Let’s start a conversation. Tell us about your goals and your dreams. About your challenges and your nagging worries. We take the time to listen and ask questions before we give an opinion. Once we’re on the same page, we get to work.